Tuscan Grill Bundle

$169.99 USD

$220.00 USD

Introducing our Tuscan Grill Bundle, a celebration of authentic flavors and exceptional grilling. The centerpiece of this bundle is our latest Tuscan Grill, meticulously crafted to complement all our Pizza Ovens. Immerse yourself in the rich tastes of Tuscany as you create culinary masterpieces on this versatile grill.

Navigate the wood-fired magic effortlessly with our scissor tongs, designed for precision handling of logs and coals. Enhance your grilling experience further with the included heat-resistant gloves, ensuring your safety while maintaining the authentic essence of Tuscan cooking.

Indulge in the art of flavor with our Tuscan Grill Bundle – where innovation meets tradition, bringing the tastes of Tuscany directly to your backyard. Elevate your outdoor culinary journey with this thoughtfully curated bundle designed for a taste of true authenticity.


1 x Tuscan Grill (16x12x3)

1 x Scissor Tongs

1 x Heat Resistant Gloves