24" Flat Top Griddle

24" Flat Top Griddle

$249.99 USD

Unleash your culinary creativity with our 24” Flat Top Griddle Attachment, a must-have for any 24", 36", 46", and 60" Santa Maria and Argentine Grills. This attachment is a game-changer, transforming your grill into a versatile outdoor kitchen that lets you effortlessly cook a variety of delicious dishes.

Picture sizzling smash burgers with irresistible crispy edges, cooked to perfection on the spacious flat top surface. Envision weekend mornings with family, flipping fluffy pancakes, or crafting personalized omelets with a medley of fresh ingredients. The griddle is also ideal for searing steaks and seafood to achieve that restaurant-quality crust, or for creating the perfect street-style tacos on Taco Tuesday.

From the crackle of golden hash browns to the tantalizing aroma of stir-fried vegetables, this griddle attachment ensures every meal is a celebration of flavors. Host a fajita night and watch as chicken and vegetables sizzle before your eyes, or embrace the art of Teppanyaki with a show-stopping spread of meats and veggies.

The 24” Flat Top Griddle Attachment is not just about expanding your cooking options; it's about enhancing your outdoor dining experience. So, whether you're flipping pancakes or toasting paninis, enjoy the ease and pleasure of outdoor cooking with this essential griddle attachment.

Elevate your grilling game and enjoy delicious, restaurant-quality meals in the comfort of your own backyard with the 24” Flat Top Griddle Attachment — where versatility meets culinary excellence.